Nowadays many of modern designers use in their work the classical interior. Really it’s so hard to find something else approved by the time.
The classical style appeared in the XVII century and experienced several embodiments (in France, England and Russia) and is still actual nowadays.
The classical style interior can have several variants. It depends, the classical interior of which country is the base. English classical interior is the embodiment of English way of life. It is somehow stiff, dull, without excess. Though was the first one where we find ceiling paintings. As for French classicism I think it would be enough to say that it appeared during the times of Ludovik XIV. This style is the style of Versailles Palace. It’s the combination of regular architectural forms, elements of décor and gilding. Nowadays the classical interior combines all the best that was created in other countries and centuries. Sophistication, regularity of forms and unobtrusive luxury. In its entire variants classical interior is evidence of nice taste of the owner and his ability to appreciate life.
During creation of this interior we had two joined apartments in modern paneling house on one well. And we also had a great desire to introduce classical interior in drawing–room and dining–room...
That’s good when the customer knows where he wants to live. Before we started to work the customer gave us magazine–cuttings, catalogues on polyurethane wares and we started our work...
There was nothing difficult: we selected decorative elements, pilasters, curbstones and other things and placed on the walls, made visualization.
It seemed that everything was done… but when we saw the photos we understood that those decorative elements don’t fit the size of our interior (curbstones were unproportionate relatively the general height and pilasters should have been narrower relatively the height of 2.6m). We made the decision to fulfill the design of interior not in polyurethane but produce all the details on the individual order out of building plaster cast.
We and the customer both had to recollect our knowledge in math. It took a long time to calculate the ideal correlation of height to width of pilasters and curbstones. We stopped on two variants, where the width of pilasters was 15.5sm and 13.5sm accordingly.
To understand what variant was the best we did the visualization of both variants.
Everybody liked the width of pilasters 13.5sm. We approved all the sizes and prepare broaching of walls.
As for the coloring of classical interior, it should underline the general harmony. That’s why the best variant would be to use warm colors: beige, cream, greenish. These colors can underline the texture of natural wood of parquet and furniture.
The classical style – is the style of respectable people, who are confident in themselves and respect the traditions. The classics mean not only bias towards consistency in the interior, but that is the style of life, which characterizes the person, who knows what he wants from life. That’s the style of real ladies and gentlemen.
Plasma TV is organically enrolled in the interior of classical style, and don’t be afraid that classics can’t be combined with modern techniques. Of course it’s better when all the techniques are hidden by the designer in different bays and expanding lockers. Such things help to retain the style of the epoch and not to refuse using different achievements of progress.
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