The profession of designer is the most interesting in the worldof course after the profession of millionaire.
One way or another, we designers had to work with the most modern inventions of the mankind.
What one can create in bathhouse or as it is now named steam bath?
There always were a lot of legends about bathhouses. For instance, ancient Greeks considered that no one else but Gods showed them medical and relaxing qualities of sweating rooms. Its considered that building of bathhouses goes back to ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome and India, where with different (hygienic and medical) purposes ancient people built bathhouses. Nowadays ancient national bathhouse traditions are partly preserved. The evidence to this is the existence of different kinds of bathhouses and steam baths such as Russian bath, Finnish bath, Turkish bath hamam (hammam), Japanese bath ofyro (fyro) and sento.
We had to persuade our dear customers that they should keep the modern tendencies and use infrared cabin. And instead of usual swimmingpool sized 3m to 4m its better to use whirlpool bath. To our mind we got the perfect combination of steam bath and training room. What wins us are contemporaneity, safety, styleand of course the last but not the least hygiene.
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